August 27, 2020

The start of our dance season has arrived and we want to thank you for your support. We have included updates to our policies to ensure a successful transition into the new school year.

Upon Entering The Building:

1) Masks must be worn

2) Wash and sanitize hands

3) Proceed to front desk for thermal temperature check.

Lobby and Common Areas:

1) Our lobby is limited. If you can drop off and pick up your dancer or wait in the car, we recommend you do so. We understand that for some of our families, having the option to stay in our lobby during your child’s class is helpful. We will provide social distancing guides in our lobby and monitor capacity closely.

2) Kitchen area. Our kitchen is open. However only 2 people are allowed in the kitchen space at a time.

3) Our student dressing room will remain closed for now. We ask that dancers come dressed appropriately for class and to layer their dance attire if taking multiple classes in one night.

4) Masks must be worn at all times in the lobby and common areas. Students are to wear masks when changing dance rooms. 

Dance Class and In-Person Guidelines: (*New Updates*)

Once inside the classroom and situated inside a social distancing square, dancers may remove their masks if they wish and if the teacher has not asked them to keep them on. Teachers will be adapting warm-ups to be square friendly.

All masks must remain on their person -wrist, strap, waistband, pocket… Students are not allowed to place them on the floor and must be at the ready to put them on if/ when asked.

• High capacity classes (mask rule):

We have limits on in-person class sizes. They are as follows:

Studio 1 / 15 dancers

Studio 2 / 10 dancers

Studio 3 / 8 dancers

Within those class size limits, if any class reaches a certain number of students deeming it a “high capacity class” you will need to follow these mask usage rules.

1) Masks may be removed for warm up if dancers can safely stay within their designated square.

2) Masks must be worn for across the floor.

3) Masks must be worn for all center movement, technical work and at the barre.

4) Masks may be removed if working combinations in very small groups. With other dancers waiting against the walls (spread apart wearing masks), The small group dancing can remove their mask for that moment. Here are the designated class sizes per room. We will follow the above ruling if your class reaches these numbers:

Studio 1 / 12-15 dancers

Studio 2 / 7-10 dancers

Studio 3 / 5-8 dancers

• Teachers will wear a mask to approach any student for correctional adjustments. Teachers will ask permission to touch any dancer to make corrections. We will ask the class if they are comfortable being touched and let them know it is 100% okay to say no.

• Teachers can ask for masks to be worn at any time for any reason. No questions asked.

• Any student may wear a mask at all times if they choose. 

We want to thank you for your continued understanding, patience and love. Without your constant support, this season would not be possible. We promise to continue to strive for a safe, healthy and happy learning environment for our teachers and dancers and adapt accordingly. Together, we’ve got this! Much love and see you on the dance floor! 

June 6, 2020

We are thrilled to reopen to limited capacities for live, in-studio classes. Specific details have been emailed to the families of students who have been registered for the 2019-2020 season. More information can be found here on our Phase 3 Studio Safety Precautions Poster.

May 31, 2020

Phase Three. We have arrived and dance studios have been granted the green light for in-house, person-to-person instruction with limitations of 10 dancers-per-instructor dependent upon square footage. We are currently limited to 10 dancers in Studio 1, 8 dancers in Studio 2 and 6 dancers in Studio 3. PPE and sanitization protocols will be printed/posted onsite and posted here shortly. We’re extremely excited to dance with you again! Please be patient as we reopen registration as in-person training will be first-come-first-served. Remaining students will have the capability to participate in the live classes via Zoom and can standby if there are absentees.