The Soleunique Dance Complex in residence at the Wheaton Sport Center offers classes for children as young as age 18-months into early adulthood.

Tiny Soles Ages 18mos-2.5yrs

In this class, we will introduce the basic class structure inclusive of taking turns, waiting in line and putting into practice listening skills from bot the instructor and the parent in a way  that is memorable and fun for both child and adult. All participants will learn introductory dance basics and vocabulary while getting a little exercise with new friends during this short, 45-minute class. This class is also a perfect transitional tool to prepare your child for his/her next stage of training in our SoleBabes 1 classes.

Sole Babes 1 Ages 3-4

This energetic 45 minute class combines ballet, tap and creative movement for your young dancer. These classes are engaging and geared towards the early learner. Sole Babes 1 will introduce the student to music, dance and spatial awareness. Age appropriate activities will focus on the basics of ballet and tap while also encouraging the students to make new friends, try their best and have fun. The use of props will encourage imagination and be a dynamic tool to make this first dance class a wonderful weekly event for your children. The instructors are experienced, patient and use positive reinforcement to promote a strong sense of accomplishment in your Sole Babe.

Sole Babes 2 Ages 5-6

This hour long class will incorporate tap, ballet and jazz for dancers age 5-6. The teachers will focus not only on teaching dance technique, but also instilling a sense of self-confidence in the students. Sole Babes 2 will continue to develop your child’s coordination while also reinforcing basic dance terminology. The use of props and age appropriate music will make Sole Babes 2 a high energy and fun class.

7-8 Combo Class

This class is geared towards fun! Our Sole Combo class builds on the fundamentals of dance and self-expression while keeping your child challenged and engaged. Tap, jazz and hip hop will be explored throughout the year. This class will continue to be age appropriate and nurture the young dancer.

Fall 2017 – Spring 2018 : Wheaton Location

Children's Classes2017 - 2018Wheaton
10:45am-11:30amSoleBabes 1 : ages 3-4Diana
12:15pm-1:00pmSole Babes 1.5 : ages 4-6Diana
4:15pm-5:15pm *Starts Term 2*Tap/Jazz Combo : ages 7-8Gera
4:30pm-5:15pmBallet : ages 7-8Diana
5:15pm-6:00pmHip Hop : ages 7-8Andrea
5:15pm-6:15pmSoleBabes 2 : ages 5-6Diana
9:30am - 10:30am *Starts Term 2*SoleBabes 1.5 : ages 4-6Jennifer
10:30am-11:30amTap/Jazz Combo : ages 7-8Jennifer